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The world of folk music is known for being an incredibly welcoming and friendly place, and we'd certainly attest to that! Jay and I have spent the last 7 years meeting the most wonderful people and making some fantastic friendships. And we're delighted to say that we've invited some of these 'folky friends' on the holiday!


As well as all being rather lovely people, they also just happen to be some of the most talented artists on the UK folk roots scene! Each day, we'll be hosting a unique concert to delight your ears, while you put your feet up and unwind with a glass of your favourite tipple from the bar. 

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  • Concerts will be hosted in Kingston Country Courtyard's private bar area

  • The bar will be staffed throughout the concerts

  • Some musicians will also be joining us for each day's walk, schedule allowing

  • All concerts are private and for holiday guests only

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Have a wee listen to who's coming in 2023!

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Kick-starting the first concert will be the superb Jon Hart and Lucy Sampson, otherwise known as 'Honey and the Bear'. Emotive and evocative, they'll conjure stories in song, telling tales of Suffolk folklore, courageous people they admire and their passion for nature. And in the second half, you'll get to experience a rare, semi-acoustic Ninebarrow Quartet concert*. With John Parker on double bass and Lee MacKenzie on cello, this will be something truly special.


Ninebarrow will begin proceedings before handing over to the hugely talented Jack Rutter. One of Britain's finest traditional singers, Jack will take you on a journey as he unearths old folk tales and delivers them with his astounding voice and masterful guitar and bouzouki playing! And in the second half you'll experience one of the most breathtaking live acts ever: Will Pound & Eddie Jay. Combining incredible accordion and extraordinary harmonica playing, Will and Eddie create sounds you just wouldn’t credit coming out of those instruments. You really have to see it to believe it!


Once again, Ninebarrow will kick-off the final concert before handing over to one of their oldest friends in the folk work (well...he's not old...the friendship is!): Will McNicol. Having picked up a guitar at the age of 6, he's barely put it down since. Multi-award-winning, incredibly talented and absolutely charming - by the end of his set, you'll love him too!

And to round the holiday off in style, you'll be treated to BBC Folk Award Winner, Sam Kelly alongside his long term musical partner Jamie Francis. Sam has dedicated his life to rediscovering and renewing the sounds of his gaelic heritage - and the sound he creates transcends the barriers of traditional folk music. With an awesome voice and astonishing instrumental skills, this promises to be the perfect way to finish the perfect holiday!

*Please note that for our May holiday, this concert will be the Ninebarrow Trio - with Lee on Cello.


May 22-26 2023:

Fully Booked

June 5-9 2023:

Fully Booked

June 19-23 2023:

Fully Booked

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