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The world of folk music is known for being an incredibly welcoming and friendly place, and we'd certainly attest to that! Jay and I have spent the last 7 years meeting the most wonderful people and making some fantastic friendships. And we're delighted to say that we've invited some of these 'folky friends' on the holiday!


As well as all being rather lovely people, they also just happen to be some of the most talented artists on the UK folk roots scene! Each day, we'll be hosting a unique concert to delight your ears, while you put your feet up and unwind with a glass of your favourite tipple from the bar. 

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  • Concerts will be hosted in Kingston Country Courtyard's private bar area

  • The bar will be staffed throughout the concerts

  • Some musicians will also be joining us for each day's walk, schedule allowing

  • All concerts are private and for holiday guests only

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Have a wee listen to who's coming in 2022!

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A super double headliner to kick things off! Delivering the first half will be the splendid Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll. Brilliant instrumentalists and fantastic singers, they've got their roots in the traditional music of South West England but also explore a contemporary sound that draws on inspiration from across the globe. And the second half? Well, that'll be us - Ninebarrow! And expect a spot of collaboration to finish things off. 4 part harmony? Don't mind if we do! 


The hugely talented, incredibly funny Belshazzar's Feast are going to blow your socks off! They'll be headlining our Wednesday night concert, and we can't wait! They're going to be supported by an incredible talent in Dan Walsh - tremendous banjo skills, poignant songs and lively humour are the reason he's loved dearly on both sides of the Atlantic! 


Our grand finale is going to kick off with one of our oldest friends in the folk work (well...he's not old...the friendship is!): Will McNicol. Having picked up a guitar at the age of 6, he's barely put it down since. Multi-award-winning, incredibly talented...and absolutely charming - you'll realise straight away why we love this guy. 

And to round the whole holiday off in style, we'll be putting on a rare, semi-acoustic Ninebarrow Band concert. With John Parker on double bass, Evan Carson on percussion and Lee MacKenzie on cello - it's Ninebarrow, but not as you know it! We can't tell you how much we love performing with these three gentlemen - and we just know you're going to love them too! 


May 2022: FULLY BOOKED | June 6-10 2022: 2 places left  |  June 20-24 2022: FULLY BOOKED | Sep 5-9 2022: 1 places left  | Sep 19-23 2022: FULLY BOOKED

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